Friday, January 12, 2018

The Willows of Springville HOA Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, January 10,2018 @ 7:00 p.m 

In attendance : Elizabeth, Renae, Michael, Kristina, Allison, Ryan, Rich


  • New cellphone -
 HOA board has a new cellphone number  801-900-7643. It is also updated here on our blog under FAQ's.
  • February Meet and Greet - 
due to the busyness of the holiday season the HOA has pushed back our community "Meet and Greet" to March.  More information will be posted with date and times of "Meet and Greet"

  • Roofing Update - 
unit 16 has an external issue with it's roof, the issue has been addressed and being taken care of.

Michael : 

  • Budget- related items or questions 

  • Move In/Out - 

 Due to the Valentine's Day holiday we will be holding our February monthly meeting on Wednesday February 21, 2018 @ 7:00 pm.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Willows of Springville HOA Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, November 8 th – 7pm

Attendance: Michael, Elizabeth, Renae, Kristina, Ryan, Allison and Rich

- Email protocol
Board discussed better way to address and respond to emails.
- Dogs in communal area across from clubhouse
        It was brought to HOA boards attention that dogs have been off their leashes across from the clubhouse.  Board discussed this and new signs will be put up as a reminder that area is property of  The Willows community and dogs must be on their leash.

- Fall Festivities
It was discussed about doing a Community fall party but due to schedule of things is was decided not to hold a fall party but tabled for possibly a New Year community party. 

- Basketball Hoop Follow-up – next spring/summer – march/April.
Basketball hoop will be replaced next year once the weather is warm again.

- Clubhouse Updates
- Treadmill in back corner has died – there is a sign “out of order”
HOA board is aware of the need for some new gym equipment. Here are a few ideas and suggestion  that have been made.
(Boxes, kettle bells, changeable chains, etc., body solid equipment)

- Extra holiday cleanings. Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks –  Cleaning is being added to accommodate the extra use and reservations with the club house due to the holiday season. Please remember that even though we have extra cleaning days there are many reservations that are back to back. Please make sure to double check your cleaning list at the end of your reservation time.
Cleaning will be Tuesday and Friday around Thanksgiving
We will also be having additional trash pick-ups. Michael will be contacting trash to arrange those additional pick-ups.

- Financial Review
 With money to MD, no savings put away this month

- Sewer pipe covers
Sewer pipe covers are needed to be covered. Rubber covers are  $10 a piece, we need 7.
- Snow season
 2 inch rule when snow is on the ground to have snow company come plow.

- Move Ins/Outs


Additional cleaning for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season
(All voted yes on this matter)

Additional trash pick ups for the Holiday season
(All voted yes on this matter)

Sewer pipe covers $10 a piece, we need 7.
(All voted yes on this matter)

Monday, September 11, 2017


The Willows of Springville
Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Wednesday September 13, 2017 
@ 7:00 p.m
In the Clubhouse

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Attention! AB Pest Control will be coming to spray on 
Thursday, August 24th. They will spray the playgrounds, clubhouse (inside and out), carports, as well as the foundations and eves of all the units. 
**There are several large wasp nests on the community grounds, one located at the corner of 150 East and 750 North, as well as in the bushes on the north and south end of the pool. Please be mindful of these nests. AB Pest Control will be out to take care of these nests, but in the meantime please steer clear of these areas if at all possible. 
IMPORTANT: If you do not want your backyard sprayed, please lock your gate! They will spray all backyards with open/unlocked back gates. Due to our wasp problem, as a board, we recommend all units have their backyards sprayed, though it is completely optional. The wasps create nests in the eves and the vents in the eves. If they do not spray your backyard, these areas will not be treated. Make sure to move all toys, equipment, etc. in your backyard away from your home to avoid over-spray.
Additionally and as a separate service, AB Pest control has provided an estimate of $20 for an interior treatment for individual units if their services are scheduled for the same day. To have the inside of your home sprayed you must take the following steps:
Contact AB Pest Control to schedule the treatment for the same day, August 24th, and arrange payment. The interior treatment is an optional service that is being provided by AB Pest Control. 
AB Pest Control's contact information:
Phone: 801-829-7378
Remember this spray will not harm your pets, children, home or car. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Willows of Springville HOA Monthly Meeting 
(August, 9,2017)

Attendance:  Elizabeth, Renae, Allison, Michael, Ryan, Kristina
Not in attendance: Rich

Follow up:
- unregistered vehicles - the unregistered vehicles have all be taken care of at this time.
- satellite dishes - email was sent out multiple times regarding the removal of satellite dishes. Each unit is only allowed one satellite dish on their premises. This issue has been resolved.
- clubhouse plumbing - Allison is working with a plumber on getting the outside shower by the pool fixed.
- dish contract (xfinity in clubhouse)
- xfinity deal to come to grounds - Michael is working on getting more information on this.
- cat issue - there are no cat issues at this time.
- playground -  HOA board members are still discussing the best option and solution to fixing or replacing the big wooden playground.
- water along the alley of west/east side homes - Ryan is working with Peak on fixing this issue.
- landscape concerns (bid for trees, retention pond, dead bushes, trim of bushes)
- blog update -updated
-schedule carpet cleaning for clubhouse - Kristina will schedule this cleaning for October.
- house numbers on 150 east carports need to be updated - tabled for another time.
- community concerns
- review/rules regulations

- board member role review

- pool closing date - see voting record below
- pool furniture - Allison is getting bids to replace the broken or worn pool furniture.
- gym equipment - Allison is getting bids to fix or replace the treadmills in the workout room.
- records keeping

- budget and finance review

- landscape updates

- move in/outs - discussed new people who moved into our community and those who moved out.
-water issues back of 200 East

                                                       VOTING RECORD

Proposed :
Closing date for the pool closure for the winter season. Proposed to close the pool on Monday September 18, 2017.
For : Elizabeth, Renae, Allison, Ryan, Michael and Kristina
Against: None

Have AB best control come treat the community and remove the wasps nest.
For: Elizabeth, Renae, Allison, Ryan, Michael, and Kristina
Against: None

Proposed :
Have the clubhouse cleaning company start cleaning the clubhouse once a week vs twice a week once the pool closes for the Summer season.
For : Elizabeth, Renae, Allison, Ryan, Michael and Kristina
Against : None

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The Willows of Springville
Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Wednesday August 9, 2017 
@ 7:00 p.m
In the Clubhouse
The Willows Of Springville (July)
Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Present : Elizabeth, Renae, Allison, Michael,Kristina
Not in attendance: Ryan and Rich

Update on playground
resident comments
new bushes
possible fines
RV parking clean out

basketball hoop follow up
door to door info. visits

general clubhouse updates
blog updates
cable issues

budget questions

move in and move outs


As a board we are still discussing the best option and solution regarding our playground areas.

The basketball hoop area will soon be replaced with a face plate, pole and basket.  This will hopefully prevent further damage and miss use of the basketball court area.