Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Willows of Springville (April)
Home Owners Association Board Meeting 
Present: Elizabeth, Renae, Ryan, Jon, Kristina, Michael and Rich

-pool opening
-date when to open pool
-pot luck/get to know your community
-follow up on playground
-spring cleaning of RV parking
-landscape- if a walk around has been done to see what bushes need to be taken out/ replaced
-trash enclosures
-parking spaces
-using communal property
-pet wast and pets being on leashes

- board member community meet and greet - continued
- neighbor tree

Michael :
- budget
-late fees

-off leash dog park
-RV parking inventory

- security system maintenance
- securing pool cover
-expectations for a new building cleaning company

Kristina :
- move ins/outs

Voting record
there is none 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Willows Of Springville 
Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Wednesday April 12, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m in the Clubhouse

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes 

The Willows Of Springville 
Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Present : Elizabeth, Renae, Michael, Kristina, Jon, Ryan, Rich

RV Parking
      Monthly fee?
      Spring Cleaning
      Update form
New landscape bid
Service agreement/Comcast
Community concerns
      Speed bumps
      Trash enclosures
      Shutters (missing screws)
Welcome Packet

Board member community meet and greet

Late fees

Off leash dog park
RV parking inventory

Security system maintenance
Securing pool cover

Move Ins/outs
Thank you for all who came to the meeting, as a board we appreciate your input and concerns regarding our community.

As of January 1, 2017 HOA dues increase to $166. Paypal amount including fee is $171.27.

Willows Home Owners Association Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Recap of 2016 Annual Meeting
Held on October 12, 2016

As a board, we would like to thank everyone who came to our annual HOA board meeting. We appreciate your support and interest in the community. We were able to gather enough votes and welcome new board members.

Michael Albright  (Treasurer)
Renae Bowen (Vice President)
Jon Jester (Clubhouse Manager)
Ryan Williams (Landscape Manager)
Rich Davis (NC Voter)

We will miss Jim and Meagan and thank them for their service on the board.

Reminder: HOA board meeting for November will be held on Wednesday November 2, 2016 at 7:00 p.m in the Clubhouse.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 2016 Board Meeting Minutes 

The Willows Of Springville
Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Wednesday September 14, 2016 - 7 pm at Clubhouse 
Present: Elizabeth, Michael, Jim, Kristina, Meagan, Allison
Not Present: Rich 
              Transfer packet for New move-ins: come up assignments to review and date to be done by
               Park benches/ Tables completed
               Water increase 
               Get new bids for wooden playground and mulch from Wilkins Equipment 
               Cleaning of the carpets/chairs in the clubhouse
               Landscaping-what bushes need to be taken out and/or replaced?
               Dumpster on 150 E-Are we replacing the one dumpster with two?
               Need to move Nov 9th HOA meeting to a different time or location
               Newsletter for Oct Meeting
                      Open positions (5)
                      Water usage
                      Possible dues increase

Rich Not in attendance 

             Late Dues


             Move in/outs

             Pool closure
             Window cleaning
              Complaints about vacuum


         The budget was reviewed and PASSED for the coming year. HOA dues will increase by 12.1 % starting January 2017.
                For: Michael, Kristina, Meagan, Elizabeth
          Against: Jim, Allison
               Abstained : Rich

Pool will close for the Summer season on Wednesday September 21,2016

The benches at both parks have be replaced with new metal benches. Also the old wooden tables have been replaces with 2 new metal tables. 


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Willows of Springville
Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 7pm at Clubhouse
Present: Elizabeth, Michael, Joel, Meagan, Kristina
Not Present: Rich, Jim
·          Garbage Door- South 200 E, Garbage door repair for all fence enclosures around dumpsters. Peak Landscaping to be contacted to review pricing options for fence repair.
·          Violation/Fee for those units with items left out front. Continued discussion about fines for those who are leaving items in front of their units. The board has received several complaints. Unit owners to be contacted and issued warnings.
·           Unit complaints and concerns
o    Broken fence
o    Items in front of units
o    Garbage behind fences
§  Peak landscaping to clean up
o    uniform paitning of all bay windows in front of units
o    Missing shutters
§  An ongoing discussion is being held among the board about options to repair and replace shutters. Motion to be voted on.
·         In an effort to update contact information for current owners and renters of all residents the following steps will be taken. Email to be sent requesting updated info from all, follow up emails to each week as we approach May 13, 2016. On May 13th all issued keycards will be turned off. At this point residents who have updated their information will have keycards reactivated those who haven't will need to contact HOA and update contact information to have clubhouse access reinstated. This process was previously voted on and passed by majority vote among board members.
·        Insurance renewal: increases $250 a month/$3000 a year because of claim from unit 77. If no claims this year, we will get a portion of claims discount back which will decrease the premium next year.
·        Bay window painting and carport update: Rob has been great to work with. Carports starting at the end of next week.
·        Broken light fixture in theatre room- total price for repair will be $75
·        Garbage coming before 7am complaint- Rich has contacted Republic Services and they will adjust schedule to arrive just after 7 every week.
·        Shutter repair- To be discussed in upcoming board meeting and motions will be voted upon.

·        Month and year end budget-
o   If budget holds as is we’re on pace to place $30k in savings. Proposal presented to allocate 6 blocks of $5k (total $30k) into 6 new CDs. We currently have 12-12 month CDs. 6 new CDs will stretch the laddering out to an 18-month cycle and qualify for higher interest rates.
·        Unit 41 – past due update
·        Peak Landscaping has started for the season
·        Aeration has been completed. Brian will advise when the first weed and feed will be applied.
·        Proposed to increase the frequency of clubhouse cleaning to weekly visits. Cost per visit would be $60 total per month would be $240 which is $40 more than current arrangement of bi- weekly visits.
·        Spa pump replacement
o   Discussion about the frequency that the pumps and pool heaters have needed to be repaired and replaced. Michael to review the budget and further action will be proposed based on necessary changes.
·        Spa reminder to residents. To be included in upcoming email.
·        Carpet cleaning of the clubhouse- Proposed to clean beginning of May as well as clean clubhouse couch upholstery in waves, beginning with large sofas in common area. Also proposed by board to seek out additional bids in an effort to ensure that Stanley Steamers is the best service to use.
·        Pest control treatment- Proposed to switch to AB pest control after recent bids have been received. The treatment to be scheduled for the first week of May. Residents will be given notice to leave back fences open. Backyard treatment is included in the bid. An opportunity to have individual units treated on the inside will be made available. Individual unit owners will need to contact AB pest control to arrange the schedule to match the scheduled treatment day as well as the payment. Quoted cost for each unit is $20 per home.
·        Move in/move outs
·         None
Voting Record
Proposed: Necessary steps to update resident contact information. Unit owner and renters will be required to send updated contact information to HOA board prior to May 13, 2016 to avoid keycard interruption.
          For: Michael, Joel, Elizabeth, Kristina, Meagan
          Against: None
          Abstained: Rich, Jim
Proposed: Budget steps to be taken to increase budget reserves. See Discussion points under Michael’s name.
          For: Michael, Joel, Elizabeth, Kristina, Meagan
          Against: None
          Abstained: Rich, Jim
Proposed: Carpet cleaning of clubhouse and clubhouse furniture. With stipulation that additional bids be received for price and value comparison.
          For: Michael, Joel, Elizabeth, Kristina, Meagan
          Against: None
          Abstained: Rich, Jim
Proposed: AB pest control services to be used for May pest control treatment.
          For: Michael, Joel, Elizabeth, Kristina, Meagan
          Against: None
          Abstained: Rich, Jim

To be discussed and voted upon in upcoming meeting: Shutter replacement and repair, Fence and garbage enclosure area repair, Insurance bids for HOA insurance policy currently held by State Farm, Continued use of current pool and spa treatment company, Continued use of current landscaping company.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Willows of Springville
Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 7pm at Clubhouse
Present: Elizabeth, Rich, Michael, Jim, Joel, Meagan, Kristina, Trevor w/ liquid assets and Unit 41 owners the Bowens.
Not Present: N/A
  •  Collection processes and procedures
  •  Unit 41--Update lien/Collections options/next step 
  •   Liens- To be updated through the county as soon as updated data received
  •   Lightbulbs inside and outside the clubhouse need to be replaced
  •  Additional trash pickup during the weeks surrounding Christmas/New Years
  •  Normal HOA dues processing. HOA payments that are sent via mail: The mail box is checked on the 10th and the 30th they are deposited shortly after being collected from the mail box. This process will cause a delay in seeing the check clear from your personal checking account, for example if the check is mailed after the 10th it will not be deposited until after the 30th.
  • Theater room instructions. (Updated see Meagan's items)
  • 2015 year-in-review. Doubled the HOAs reserves in last 2 years
  •  Liens- to be sent to Elizabeth this week
  •  Late dues/Key shut-off
  •  Unit 41-Michael to contact attorneys. Updated via email 1/20 limited options until the amount owed reaches a higher value
  •  New clubhouse cleaning update (Meagan) & last Silver Cleaning invoice for payment
  • Snow removal-update
  •  Tree trimming update
  •   Landscaping annual review. Comparison in landscaping budget from previous years. Spending has increased has the level of service and quality of work?
  •  Bush removal and replacement
  • Cleaning Services-Silver cleaning no longer to be used 
  •  New cleaner to start this week. Kevin Stevens to charge $100 per visit bi-weekly Meagan to get a bid for a weekly clean 
  •  Furnace check up 
  •  Cleaning check list updates
  • Theater room instructions have now been updated. New instructions more user friendly and should make theater room easier to use
  • New move ins/move outs
  • No one under 18 to use clubhouse w/o parent supervision
  • None

Trevor w/ Liquid Assets

  • Trevor in attendance to help with questions concerning pool, hot tub, water main and heating control for water. All in attendance did a walk through with Trevor. Went over Water Main shut off procedures, breakers to stop water and Hot Tub alarm system. Also discussed the requirements that HOA must follow to keep pool open this upcoming year. 
  •  Will provide a new bid for heater replacement as well as heater repair, board to vote on options in Feb HOA meeting.
  • Went over bid for daily visits vs 3 days a week visit from liquid assets. $35 daily visit, $49 full service visit (includes cleaning pool) Only 1 visit a week throughout the winter and 3 a week throughout the summer. Board to vote on changing this process for upcoming year.
Voting Record
No motions to vote on this month